Each category of club membership gives different access to the courts and club balls. Notwithstanding the access times stated below, any Full Adult, Intermediate, Restricted Adult or Junior member may use a vacant court at any time provided they vacate the court when requested by a member who has priority use. Morning members however, may only use the courts on 1 morning.
New balls are made available once a week for all the official social tennis sessions, on Monday & Wednesday evenings, Wednesday & Thursday mornings and Saturday afternoons. On completion of play, balls must be returned to the box in the clubhouse for use at the next club session. At other times all members are welcome to use the used balls in the basket or the ball dispenser.

If you are trying to read this use of courts table on your mobile you may find it better to download it from here.

Use of courts

gallery/court use table

Court booking

Members are requested to use our online court system for all court bookings eg arranged games, Box League ties, individual coaching sessions etc. To book a court please go to our Clubspark booking page here. It's very easy to use, you just have to sign in using your LTA profile. If you have a Google account you can use that. The system will send you a confirmation email. You can change a booking by going to the "My booking" tab. Please note that you can only book one court on social tennis evenings after 8pm, and then you would need to wait until the social tennis is finished before you can use the court. In practice this is rarely an issue however. You can book a court up to 28 days in advance and can now book up to four half hour slots at a time. Please use Clubspark and not Tennis Jeanie for booking Box League ties, to avoid any possible clashes.


Court floodlights

Here is a reminder of some of the changes adopted at the 2017 AGM: 


Light cards cost £4 from beginning of January 2018

Lights to be paid for at social tennis sessions from start of October, from the new season ie October 2018.

Following a vote, it was agreed to increase the cost of lights at social tennis to £1.50 from January 2018.


The fee for adult guests increased from £3 to £4 on Sunday 1st April.  Can we also remind all members taking guests to the club to sign them in using the guest book, in line with Health & safety requirements,  in addition to paying the relevant fee, which can be put in an envelope and posted through Chris Whittock's mailbox.